Our stores carry all the fun toys & accessories for your beloved pets to enjoy:

  • dog and cat toys
  • leads,collars and harness accessories
  • cat scratching toys
  • huge variety of dog balls-including boomer balls
  • pet carriers-all types
  • magazines - Animal Talk, Cats Life, HQ magazine etc
  • rawhide chews including pork,beef and ostrich
  • cow hooves-also the stuffed variety with tasty
  • tuff dog toys-wubba kong
  • catnip products
  • cat litter including the silicone range
  • save the garden products-scatter crystals & get off sprays.
  • a full range of dog igloo kennels.

All our products are quality endorsed by the Treat-a-Pet stamp of approval. If not stamped then its not endorsed. Always ensure you buy Treat-a-Pet endorsed products.

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